3D Architectural Visualization | Architectural 3D Visualization

In urban planning, architectural design, field applications of virtual reality technology, which is 3D architectural visualization. In recent years, 3D architectural visualization at home and abroad has been more and more applications. 3D architectural visualization of an unprecedented interactive, real architectural sense of space, large three-dimensional topography simulation and other features. This is unmatched by traditional methods. 


In the 3D architectural visualization applications, people can be in a virtual three-dimensional environment for the future architectural of a full range of immersive look. It can be from any angle, from the observed scene and sophistication. People can choose a variety of sports and to switch modes, such as: walking, driving, flying, etc., and can freely control the navigation route. In the process of 3D architectural visualization, designers can achieve a variety of design options, a variety of environmental effects, real-time switch comparison. It will give customers a strong, realistic sensory impact, immersive experience.