Rendering is the last step of computer graphics. Rendering is also a stage image in line with the 3D scene. There are many software rendering. Rendering is the architectural design, animation design using 3DS MAX, MAYA and other software design 3D models and animation frames. Then render into image or animation process.


Renderings can often be understood as the designer's intent and concept design to visualize the form of reproduction. There are two forms: hand-drawn renderings and computer renderings.

The definition and concept of renderings

Renderings through the pictures to show the effect of product required. Through computer technology to simulate the real three-dimensional realistic virtual images. 

In construction, industry and other industry segments, rendering the main role is to figure drawing 3D visualization. Through high simulation renderings of the design or project plan to modify or scrutiny.


Renderings segments: architectural renderings, rendering urban planning, landscape renderings, architectural interior renderings, mechanical renderings, product design renderings, etc.

The relationship between design and renderings

Art and Design is a design concept and ideas through visual forms of expression out. Design renderings only one part.